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You've heard about it, but now it's here.

We can’t blame business owners from hiding away from cyber protection insurance. The concept is fairly new and to most operators, who are trying to maximise profits, it can sometimes be seen as yet another expense.

However, 2018 is the year where businesses have had to become a little more serious about cyber protection insurance.

We’ve already seen businesses punished under the recent changes to Australia Data Breach Legislation, with punishments ranging from monetary penalties to having to inform entire client databases that a hack had occurred.

Fines can be up to $2.1 million for businesses who fail to comply with GDPR legislation, so with that in mind we regularly remind our clients about the importance of cyber protection plans, which are increasingly including a robust cyber protection insurance policy.

It’s a sad reality that it is no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ will your business become victim of a cyber attack attempt. It’s our job to ensure that the affects of such attack render minimal consequences to the operational and financial continuation of your business’; in other words, we aim to enable your business to stay live and recover quickly in the event of a hack.

We strongly recommend that you review your current cyber protection insurance at this time. Please spend 30 seconds answering our questions below, which will help us to form an idea of the level of risk which your business currently faces.

Once complete a member of our team can contact you and offer plain and simple advice and work out a strategy to keep your business secure and insured.

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