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Durable, rugged and dependable.

Blundstone are an iconic Australian brand, famed for their rugged, durable and dependable footwear.

Starting as a high-quality boot for Australian farmers, the brand grew rapidly to be seen as the MUST HAVE footwear choice for outgoing Aussie’s who needed their footwear to be tough and reliable.

Incredibly, Blundstone continued to grow into markets around the world, including Asia, Europe and North America – even David Beckham was spotted wearing a pair:


Blundstone Beckham
Becks in Blundstone (https://chelseabootstore.com/david-beckham-chelsea-boots/)


So how do we enable Blundstone to stay doing what they do each and every day efficiently?

As their brand continues to grow to a point where 400,000 boots are made each year, Blundstone understood that their I.T systems and provisions needed to be strengthened in order for them to stay ahead of the projected increase in demand.

So, in we stepped to provide ‘wrap around support’ for their existing I.T team, with the brief of strengthening their I.T practices to ensure that Blundstone are never held back by technology. Some of the assistance that we provide are ICT Director services, hardware & software procurement and general cybersecurity services.


”We believe industry leading I.T support is an integral part of the ongoing growth of our business.


The knowledge imparted, paired with the software and hardware which Anderson Morgan have rolled out across the business has been invaluable in helping us stay live and has allowed us to focus on our core business goals.


Our professional relationship with Anderson Morgan will continue to grow, along with our business, we would recommend Anderson Morgan as the I.T team for support to any business”.

Peter Cullen – ICT and Hardware Manager, Blundstone PTY LTD


Is your business aiming for growth this year? If so, don’t underestimate the importance of having a durable, rugged and dependable I.T and cybersecurity plan. We work with businesses with no I.T team at all, small I.T teams or even large I.T teams (like Blundstone).

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