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What is "the Cloud" and how can it benefit your business?

By now you’ve been told by numerous people that ‘the cloud’ is a good place to store files, information and work collaboratively with your team, but why do we see the cloud as being an important element of business and cyber security?


  • It places your files and information at your fingertips. No more rifling through filing cabinets or wasting time trying to locate a file which you saved a long time ago. The cloud allows collaboration between two team members who can work on a document at the same time. In addition, provided that your team is using secured devices they are able to access files whilst on the move – an absolute lifesaver in meetings.


  • If your hardware fails then you won’t lose your data. Cloud based storage forms a vital piece of cyber security for businesses. This allows I.T professionals or managed I.T service providers an opportunity to restore your files remotely.


  • How long can you afford for your business systems to be down after a cyber attack? If the answer is similar to ‘not long’ then business continuity is important. Cloud based storage and continuity provide managed I.T service providers (like us) the information and tools which we need to get your business systems back up and running. According to Australian Government statistics, the average down time for businesses after a cyber attack is 23 days. We’ve proven that we can get businesses back up and running in minutes.


  • Cloud computing uses remote resources, which can save organisations the cost of servers and other equipment. We always recommend multiple back up and storage solutions, including cloud and potentially external server support.


  • You can grow your business without having to be concerned about buying extra server space. The cloud can handle your growth and, importantly from a cyber security perspective as your business grows or moves to new premises your data and files remain secure in the same place.