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We work with you to ensure that technology helps you make more money and become more productive - a cyber security assessment could be the first step to making this happen.


We regularly conduct cyber security assessments for businesses of varying sizes. It’s our way of working out the potential ‘weak’ spots in your business’ cyber security systems and an opportunity for us to learn more about your current business environment and where you want to be in the future.

Our assessments begin with a conversation between us and you. We’ll ask about you, your staff and what you want your business to achieve.

We want to know how technology currently helps you and your team become more efficient and the current security measures you have put in place to keep your data, network and files secure.

From here we will test out how easy your network is to hack (penetration testing) and provide a report for you to highlight the areas which need to be improved to ensure that your network is secure. Importantly, within your report we will also provide a simple to understand section which will detail exactly the steps which we will take to achieve the improvements.

In the past we’ve identified and conducted thousands of improvements including public and private Wi-Fi rollouts, endpoint protection installation, business and cloud continuity planning, creation of managed service plans, cyber insurance assessments, hardware procurement and installation, cloud and off-site back up solutions and much more.

It all starts with a conversation…

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