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How would your business recover in the event of a disaster? Thoughts shared by Andrew Roberts, Account Manager, Anderson Morgan, Launceston Office.

Every business relationship starts with a conversation.

It might surprise you, but our conversation won’t mention technology right from the beginning. In actual fact we will discuss your business goals, your current operating practices and how your staff operate. The next step is to structure an actionable plan which enables your business to use technology in a way which will improve your day to day operation: whether that be through time saving automations, secure and safe data back up, money saving software or hardware and much more.

One topic which business owners regularly ask me is something similar to; ‘What is the best way to back up our files and data?’

This question is best answered as part of a larger question about business continuity.

The following business continuity conversation is one I have with almost all of our clients:

ME: ”Where do you currently back up your files?”

CLIENT: “We backup our files to a hard drive, we will be fine if the server goes down (or there’s a fire, flood, power outage, etc)”.

ME: “So how do you conduct business while it takes a week to get a new server and then another week to rebuild it? Sure you have your data on that $75 portable hard drive, but how do you operate your business without a server to access the systems that utilise the data?”

How much money would down time cost you?

How much in rent, wages, amenities, etc, will you be paying while you can’t conduct business?

Business continuity isn’t just about disaster recovery, though, but more about keeping things live when something does go wrong, such as your end of life and out of warranty server has failed (or you’ve been hit by ransomware, or had a fire, or someone spilt a coffee on the server etc).

If your business would lose money if you experienced any down time, be that through an issue with your server, a cyber attack or even a fire at your business premises then I’d love to have a conversation with you.

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