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If your business operates with Windows 7 (or below) it's time to make a change...

When Windows 7 launched in 2009, Microsoft committed to providing 10 years of security updates to the product, which would help in the detection and prevention of viruses, malware and to reduce the likelihood of the end operating system (your computer or device) being hacked.

Microsoft made the same commitment with Windows XP.  It is widely believed that out-of-date software, namely Windows XP caused devastating consequences to the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom. During the time of the ‘WannaCry’ global hack, the NHS were operating with Windows XP software, which was 17 years old. Due to it’s age it did not provide an appropriate level of cover for a large network which requires utmost security.

The attack itself employed ransomware which encrypted all of the NHS’ files, leading to thousands of cancelled appointments and potentially exposed patient files. The breach cost them the equivalent of $42million to detect and remove and a further $140million in clean-ups and upgrades to their archaic system.

But, back to Windows 7.  After January 14th 2020, if your business is operating with Windows 7 there will be a definite weak spot in your cyber security. Through lack of security updates and using legacy technology you will be giving cyber criminals easy access to breach your network. Similarly, if something does go wrong then Microsoft customer support will no longer be able to offer help.

We’re currently upgrading clients to the latest versions of Windows and we’d like to help you if you’re operating on a network using Windows 7 or earlier. If you’re in this position and would like assistance, please fill out the enquiry form below and we will be in touch to work out a plan for you.

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