''...true disaster recovery''

”Anderson Morgan supplied us with a Datto Siris 3 4000 to replace our existing backup and disaster recovery platform.

This has proven to be a very valuable product in recent times. Our raid array failed in our production server, and as a result we were without virtual servers, causing staff not to be able to do their work.

Within ½ hour of initiating the recovery procedure, we were operational, utilising the Datto as the disaster recovery medium, and as the Datto was set to replicate every 15 minutes, the RPO was acceptable.

I will continue to use Datto as my Backup and Disaster Recovery medium, having the confidence that my data is not only backed up, but it offers true disaster recovery, giving me the ability to spin up virtual servers onsite, and in the cloud.”

Raoul Brouwer

I.T Manager

Neil Buckby Motors